Forum Agenda of SHIAF 2019

Opening Forum

March 5, 2019:  Openness and Competition: National Brand Summit Forum

Topic: How Chinese companies cooperate and compete with international brands in a more open China and global market
Participants: international guests, government executives, brands, creative companies, media and internet companies

Subject direction

Chinese brand and advertising company overseas market expansion

Localization of overseas brands and advertising companies

Transformation of the International Advertising Media Group

The integration of cultural and creative industries in the Yangtze River Delta

“Four Brands” Help Shanghai Cultural and Creative Industry

Corporate brand social responsibility and mission


March 6, 2019:  China and UK Brand and Creative Forum

Topic: Chinese and British brands and agencies discuss the localization of brands and services and international market
Participants: Chinese and British agency companies, industry administrations, brands

Subject direction

British advertising culture and format

The dilemma of overseas markets

Integration of British brands and local culture

China-UK advertising company’s cooperation and win-win

Shanghai will become a city of opportunity for international creativity

March 7, 2019:  Media and technology

Topic: Transformation and Transformation of Internet Media
Participants: Internet media, technology companies

Subject direction

Competition and integration of traditional media and the Internet

Mobile transformation of the Internet

Commercial application of mobile technology

Information security of mobile network

The new way of internet finance

The new Internet landscape for outdoor advertising

March 7, 2019:  Business Innovation International Forum

Topic: How to better serve brands and promote creativity in the new business model era
Participants: brands, agency companies, start-up companies, peripheral companies

Subject direction

New retail: experience upgrade of brand consumption

How the sharing economy drives technology and creativity

Dialogue between international and local independent advertising companies

How to promote cultural and creative industries in cultural and creative bases

March 8, 2019:  “Her” Economic and Youth Forum

Topic: Invite female elites and outstanding youth representatives to share growth stories and development history, and answer questions for young people
Participants: brand, agency, platform

Subject direction

Entertainment marketing

Female charity

Emerging consumer market insights

Youth employment and career development

March 8, 2019:  International Advertising Education Summit Forum

Topic: Innovation and Transformation of World Advertising in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
Participants: Dean, Associate Dean, Head of Department of Journalism and Communication, Chinese and Foreign Universities, and well-known advertising subject leader in Chinese and foreign universities

Subject direction

The new pattern and new trend of the development of the world advertising industry in the era of artificial intelligence

Innovation and Reform of World Advertising Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Digital Advertising Development and Brand Culture Communication in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

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