SHIAF Awards

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About SHIAF Awards

SHIAF Awards are officially honored by the SHIAF committee annually, with the intention to build the most vigorous and promising global festival, where individuals, businesses and teams are awarded for their excellent leading abilities, innovative and creative ideas to business operations and public welfare activities. The SHIAF AWARDS are covering creative designs, brand marketing, technological innovation, media communication, national image and urban expositions. The event also foresees the developmental trends of the industry and leads the advancement of the advertising business.

SHIAF Awards 2019 will bring outstanding artworks from a even wider range of countries and regions, and continues to move towards the goal of becoming a world-class award.

Our Vision

2019 SHIAF Awards continues to focus on “leadership, creativity and effectiveness”. SHIAF AWARDS aims to recognize outstanding cases that are inspiring for the development of the industry.

Leadership: being eclectic and uneasy about the status quo; applying practice to test the innovativeness such as the market insight, communication technology, creative ideas and cultural contents; discerning and leading the new business models and trends in advertising industry.

Creativity: focusing on global creative-oriented changes; encouraging and sharing ideas that are diverse, original and creative to make advertising bringing a better life for people.

Effectiveness: abiding by the pursuit of effective advertisement; awarding those creative and innovative ideas that are really deserve greater value for the brand enterprises, industry development and cultural communications.

SHIAF Awards 2019 Category

The 2019 SHIAF AWARDS has been upgraded. We deconstructed SHIAF into Social Responsibility, Hero, Idea & Creativity, Approach & Effectiveness, and Foresight to make it clearer about the categories of awards submitted.


Social Responsibility

Public Service Advertising
Culture Promotion




Annual Enterprise
Annual Elites


Idea & Craft


Visual Design
Copywriting creativity
Creative Craft



Approach & Effectiveness

Media Communication
Innovation communication
Public Relations
Entertainment Marketing
Scene experience
Digital experience
Electronic Business





*Please refer to the Entry manual for the complete Entry category.

SHIAF Awards is open to all industry companies and brand companies. There are 5 major sections and a total of 69 sub-category awards. All sub-categories including Public service advertising, culture promotion, visual design, video, copywriting creativity, creative craft, media communication, innovation communication, public relations, entertainment marketing, scene experience, electronic business and innovation, have the gold, silver and bronze award. The categories of annual enterprise and annual elite set the winning awards and finalists. The entries are short-listed after the first review, and the final grade will be assessed by the final review. A grand prize is selected in all gold awards.(The grand prize can be vacant.)